Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Power of the Cross

Since being back here I’ve been falling sick more often then before and interestingly I found myself always fell sick a few days before I’m to teach the bible. It has become a pattern that I knew that it is the works of the Enemy. This time around the same thing happen again. I drank some soup and I see no reason to be sick but I did and started to cough very badly each time I speak. I cancelled some of the classes because I’m beginning to feel pain in my chest when I cough.

During the morning devotion I felt I shouldn’t cancel the night classes. As I preprare for the class I felt God has something for the kids. In one of our English lessons we are learning about Easter and so I wanted to share with them from the Bible on the meaning of Easter and its significance in our Christian faith.

Evening came I was still coughing and feeling dizzy but felt I just need to hang on and rest the next day if needed. After the worship something happen. All of us were caught by surprise and I have to call off the class. See, the Enemy is not giving up. BUT God is good! Whatever had happened was dissolved and I could resume the class as planned.

During the class I could felt God was just capturing their attention. I’ve never seen them so attentive before. I know for some of them they began to understand their faith more clearly. At one point I felt sudden warmth flowing through my body. I thought that was strange for I’ve never experience God that way but didn’t give much thought to it because I was still sharing. Right after the class I realized that I haven’t coughed a single time during the session and even now!

Hey, I’m healed!

Praise God for the power of the Cross that not only gives us eternal life but also heal us from all sicknesses. Praise God that He has spoken to His children and has strengthen their faith.

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