Thursday, June 16, 2011

"I'm a Father to the fatherless"

Everyone was waiting expectantly for his arrival. His journey back home is a miracle. He was found in a place where he doesn’t belong given his age and his nationality. He was exploited, taken away to a land that is not his but God the Father saw him and miraculously orchestrated his journey back home.

Everyone was excited as the black land cruiser pulled in to the Imparting Smiles Children Center at Poipet. Children and adults came forward wanting to have a look at him. Some were curious but most were rejoicing for what God had done.

Ti broke into smiles as he saw the playground. He had the best time in his life trying out the swings, slide, see-saw and making new friends. All the children love him and very quickly accepted him into the family.

Indeed God is a Father and He will take care and defend the weak and the fatherless as how He had did it for Ti.

Ti is learning to adjust to the new life and he is doing very well. He is very curious about everything and never stops asking “What’s this?” and “Who is that?” He loves cars and the first Khmer word he learned was “lan” which means “car”. He is learning to count now and making good progress in picking up more new words.

Without he realized Ti has touched so many of us especially for Christian Life Gospel Center, Malaysia (CLGC). So thankful to God for the perseverance of those who have been working hard and praying constantly for the return of Ti. My prayer for you is that God will continue to put in your heart the Father’s love so that you will be His hands and feet to look out for the little ones who are oppressed and bringing them to the place where God wants them to be.

The children helping Ti to learn

Ti likes to mimic. He's cute.

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