Friday, May 13, 2011

“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones” Proverbs 16:24

Diin. A name that I heard so much about even before returning to Cambodia. He’s a little cute cubby boy who is almost like Dennis from the comic Dennis the Menace. Diin came and stay at the center since December 2010. He used to steal, cheat, lie and fight before staying here. Now that he is here adjusting to a lifestyle which is new and totally alien to him was a great challenge. The children find it hard to befriend Diin because he hits and bullies them. He was also a great distraction in the class. Once I heard he was sent out of the class for being rude to the teacher. Even then he was not afraid and continues to make life difficult for the people around him.

Since knowing what kind of a boy he is I’m ALWAYS strict with him. He behaved but it was still difficult at times to control and get him complete his work.

One evening I saw him sitting by himself watching others playing and I asked him why isn’t he playing with them. He replied saying “they don’t like me”. I believe it must be a painful moment when he uttered those words. We talked a bit and finally I said, “Diin, you are not a bad boy.” He looked at me couldn’t believe what he just heard. Because of the many naughty acts he had done people always get angry with him. His mother scolds him whenever neighbors complain about him. People at the market hate him because he steals from them. For a child with a background like that hearing a kind word means a world to them. I made him wrote on a paper twice “Diin is a good boy” and since then there was a change in him. I too was surprised with the changed that’s happening in him.

Indeed pleasant words are the best medicine that brings life and healing to the soul. Now Diin is no longer a pain in the neck (at least to the adults). He stop all the fighting and bullying. He is the best in class. Never make any noises anymore and his favorite quote is “be quiet and listen”. He discovered the joy of being a good boy. In the days to come he’ll learn to befriend others and others will also learn to accept him as part of the family.

Diin working on his colouring. His works used to be monotone but now there are more colours. Life must be colourful for him after being a good boy.

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