Monday, September 13, 2010

Kids being kids

It is almost about a month since the Malaysian team was here, yet the kids are still practicing their group cheer every now and then. Some of them even came up with their own telematch games and each time when there's a winning team, they will shout their cheer!

Today, Samnang - the youngest in the center gave me the best laugh of the year. I was busy wrapping some story books, Samnang came by to sit with me as he always does. So, he started to pick up the books and look at the pictures. There were other kids in the room as well. At one point I over heard Samnang telling the others "This is me, Do we look the same? Same right?" Then the rest started laughing.

Being curious, I went over and take a look, immediately I burst out laughing too! It was a picture of a monkey!!!!!!!! Now, let me tell you why Samnang said that the monkey is him.

Samnang was in the Monkey team in the camp organized by the Malaysian team. He is so good that untill now, he can still recite the entire group cheer. Being at this young age, he tend to associate familar pictures with himself, so anything related to monkey he will be very excited and will feel that he is part of it. Hence, when he saw the picture of the monkey he said that it is him!

Two big eyes, two big ears, rounded face just like him!

So, it is very important what we impart into the children because they have memory like an elephant. They never forget! So, always remember to impart truth and love!

Note: I've been busy with teaching and we have new kids joining us. Sorry, if you have been waiting for an update. I'll write about the new kids who had joined us in another post. Thank you for being patience :) God bless!

We look alike!

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Anonymous said...

LOL. Samnang is adorable indeed, both his look and what he did :P SH