Saturday, September 18, 2010

Don’t mess with the Cambodians!

In the recent week, we have strange thing happening at the girls’ dorm. The girls informed us that there were blood stains on the floor of the bathroom as well as the floor at the bedroom area. It happened on two different days in the week and the girls also told us that they heard voices during the night and noises of people splashing water in the bathroom.

Being in Cambodia where the activities and manifestation of spirits are common, our first thought was could this be another spiritual confrontation again. I said ‘again’ because this is not the first time adults or children told us that they hear “voices”. Through our pass experience, we knew that this place is not “clean” in the spiritual realm.

Now, back to the story of the blood stains, we prayed with the kids, encouraged them through the word of God and exhorting them to not be afraid but trust in the power of God. Meantime the adults had a discussion. We decided to monitor the situation for a few days to see whether the same thing happen again.

Two days ago, we noticed that one of the female dogs was bleeding and it left spots of blood stains on the porch at one the buildings. (Now is the mating season for the dogs, so the bleeding could be due to that reason). We think that the blood stain at the girls’ dorm could be from that female dog. So, wanting to be sure that it is from the dog and not something spiritual, Buna, the director of the children center here decided to slaughter the dog!

This morning, that female dog was slaughtered and guess who had a party? The Cambodians!
(Note: To all the animal lovers out there, don’t ever let your pets mess with the Cambodians, they will end up in the pot!)

Now that the dog is gone, we will see whether the blood stains still appear. Main time, we appreciate your continuous prayer for us and the work of ministry here.

Dog curry with bread - how yummy!

A big pot of dog curry. Want to try? They said it taste better than chicken!

Sokpi enjoying the meat!

The little ones loving it too!

And to the dog - we will see you in heaven!


kite3 said... the problem solved? Did u try the dog curry????

Christine Law said...

"problem" solved, it's the dog. No, I didn't try the dog curry.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but feels sorry for the dog and wondered why no attempt was made to confine the dog (by chaining her) to an area in the attempt to find out the source of the blodstains in the bathroom rather than slaughtering her? SH

Anonymous said...

the dog is so pretty! :((( hehe no pets allowed when visiting cambodia folks! :P