Friday, August 20, 2010

Christian Life Gospel Center, PJ @ Poipet

The kids at the Poipet children center had so much fun learning the bible last week with a team of people from Christian Life Gospel Center, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The week long programme included a 4 Day Kids Camp entitled Treasure Island and workshops on guitar and balloon sculpting. We were also glad to have four youth from the children center at the Kracheh province joined us. It is good to see them learning to minister to the younger ones here.

The camp focused on three aspects of a child – spiritual, social and physical. The spiritual aspect was being addressed through the bible teaching sessions and the one-to-one group time with each child. While the social and physical aspects were addressed through the game sessions. In this camp, children learned discipline and respect for one another. We saw positive changes in some of them as they responded to the word of God and words of encouragement from the team.
The team also shared and taught the Word of God every night to the leaders here to encourage and affirm them of the work that they are doing here. During this time several children also experienced the healing of God as some of them were sick.

We thanked God for His faithfulness and love for the children here and His providence that every need was being met each day. All glory to God!

Balloon sculpting: The team teaching the older ones on sharing the gospel through balloon sculpting.

Teaching session: Kid interact with the team leader during one of the teaching sessions.

Ministering to the leaders.


Guitar lessons: Simon Kang with the kids.

Guitar lessons: Tammy Leong with the kids.

Group cheer from the parrots!

The monkey group!

The team getting ready for the camp day.

Game: Flip it right.

Game: scissors, papper, stone & WET the game master!!!

Game: Telematch

The game masters.

The game master giving instructions on the game.

Teaching session: Illustrating a point through acting.

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