Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stand, watch & pray with us!

It has been a VERY tiring week for us. Not only that I myself was sick, but also many other children. Few days ago, we had a very challenging night with two of the little ones fell really ill and I thank God that He healed them (you can read them in the post entitled "Jesus heals").

Today, Sri Nat, Director of this Children Center was sick. At first we thought it is the normal fever, but her condition got worst come late afternoon. Her body was very cold. The doctor who came was afraid to give her any injection because her body was cold. By then, we were already praying very hard for her.

At one point she was slipping away, her face turn pale and her breathing was slow.

Prior to this slipping-away moment, as we were praying for her I noticed that she kept groaning, and after a while she started yawning, when I saw that yawn immediately I remembered what I've once learned about manifestation of the evil spiritual. (ie: yawning, sighing are some of the signs that a person could be under spiritual attack).That yawn tells me that this is not a normal sickness, it tells me that it has to do with evil spirit.

When we saw that she is slipping away, we started to rebuke the spirit of death in the Name of Jesus. We were engage in the warfare for a few minutes until we saw that she is coming back and stablised.

We still sent her to the hospital because we do not know why he body is cold. She is hanging on there. Although she is now stable, but I know in the spiritual realm it is not finish yet.

Stand, watch and pray with us. We are not sure why such strong encounter. But we are thankful that the Name of Jesus is stronger than any names, principalities and powers.

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