Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rescued from fish bones

What can a fish bone do to us? For an adult it is not much of a threat, should a fish bone stuck in your throat, you can fix that easily by swallowing a mouth full of rice and let the rice push the fish bone down your throat. But what happen if a 4 year old had a fish bone stuck in his throat?

Samnang couldn’t stop crying because a fish bone got stuck in his throat. He threw out several times and finally the fish bone came out. It was a traumatic experience for him.

Come evening, it was time for dinner. We noticed that Samnang was not eating and thought that it could be because his throat still feels sore from the fish bone. Sri Nat (the Director of this center) fed Samnang some rice, but he couldn’t swallow. Later, Sri Nat had a feeling that there might be another fish bone down in his throat. So, she brought him aside and soon, we heard Samnang vomiting again.

Sri Nat was having a hard time trying to get the fish bone out and Samang was already tired from vomiting. Finally Sri Nat prayed. After the short and simple prayer, she tried again, and this time the fish bone came out without much difficulty!

Everyone rejoiced for what had happened. The best thing was Samnang immediately started eating. That evening he ate 2 plates of rice and this morning he ate 2 plates of rice again! That is a sign that his throat is perfectly ok! Praise God!

This is Samnang.

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