Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The reality of life

Note: Post written on 20 May 2010

Give food to the hungry. Give drinks to the thirsty.
Give shelther to the homeless. Give them the love of Christ,
and Christ gives them eternal life.

Just few days ago, a man turned up at our door step with a baby girl in his arm. Someone told him about us and so he came. He was tired and dehydrated from the burning hot afternoon sun. We learned that he actually walked all the way from Poipet town to our center and that's about 4km away!! The baby was crying, she is sick and hungry, so we took her into the house and cared for her.

They have a very sad story. The father earn a living by doing odd jobs in Thailand and his wife left him recently for another man. He can't hold a job right now because he has to take care of his baby. We offered to care for the baby while he look for a job, but he kindly rejected the offer. He said, "My wife has left me, and I love my daugther, I won't leave her behind." He also told us that someone offered to buy her daugther, but he wouldn't sell her. After rested, he took the child and told us that he is walking back to Thailand.

This is the reality of life in Poipet. Real people with real need. The encounter with them is a reminder that never stop welcoming the hungry, the thirsty, the homeless and the helpless. I pray that he will come to us again whenever he is in town knowing that this place is always open to him and his baby.

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