Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Not-So-Friendly-Neighbour

“Bong Christine!! Bong Christine!!!”

I was working on some work and a boy came by calling for me urgently. At the back of my mind I thought maybe one of the kids injured him/herself and needed medical aid urgently. Coming out from my room with the medical kit I saw a bunch of them standing at the porch with a snake!

“We just want you to take a picture of the snake,” said the kids. I laughed in my heart with relief. Look like what I need is not a medical kit but a camera! So introduce to you, our 56 inches long not-so-friendly-neighbour - dead.


kite3 said...

Wahahahaha..hope it is not a endangered specis ar...if not u in BIG trouble for posting it online :)

某年某月某一天 said...

Wah.. you still dare take the picture until so close... By just seeing the first picture my legs already cant stand properly