Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jewels in Banteay Meanchey Prison

We headed towards the Banteay Meanchey Prison with a mission and that’s to get the kids out from the prison and bring them to the center. The kids are in the prison because their parents are inmates there. Since their parents are there and there’s no one to care for the children at home, hence the reason why they are in the prison. After walking through the knee deep flood water we arrived at the administrative office of the prison (If you wonder why the place is flooded that’s because it rained heavily few weeks back). We waited for a few minutes and saw two mothers came out with their girls.

As they came nearer towards us I was just telling God “Please let us bring them home today”. However, due to some reason we couldn’t take them with us. Now, we just have to wait for them (the parents – which equals to impossible ‘cause cell phones are not allow among inmates / prison chief) to call us back and tell us when we can pick up the kids.

While we wait, pray together with us for:
1. God to bring the right people in authority of the prison to “open” the way for the kids to be released.
2. God to work in the hearts of the parents that they will be willing to release their kids.
3. God to work in the hearts of the kids whom He has intended to come with us that it won’t be a traumatic experience for them to part with their parent.
4. Plans of the Enemy that hinder the kids from coming to be destroyed.

Walking towards the prison (yellow building). People washing bikes and children having fun in the flood water.

The prison
Walking towards the administrative office

There they are! The mothers (in blue uniform) one carrying her baby another walking with her girl.

The stall right outside the prison. I was told that the water level was waist deep as of yesterday and today it is knee deep.

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Anonymous said...

Isaiah 61 "opening of the prison door..." is surely coming to pass.